Happy new year!! A new decade is upon us and January is the perfect time to broaden our horizons and try new things. So whatever your plans are for January, make trying something beautiful part of your new year, new decade and beyond.

Be it new cocktails, new grape varieties or unique styles, try something new this month to ease those January blues.

Here are a few things you should be drinking this month

White Port and Tonic

Krohn White Port £16

Pour 1 part white port and 2 parts tonic over ice, garnish with a wedge of orange and be instantly transported to a summers day on the banks of the Douro. Sweet stone fruits, with zippy citrus notes and a fresh dry finish. This is the cocktail you need in your life in 2020. 


Sparkling Red

Magpie Estate Sparkling Shiraz £22

This sparkling wine starts life as a big Aussie Shiraz, aged for 12 months in oak before undergoing secondary fermentation in the bottle to give it its fizz. It’s a real showstopper with dark, delicious black cherry notes, hints of chocolate and pepper, all given a light freshness by those bubbles. A beautiful drop.

20191213_143452_resizedNatural White

Miraflores Ube £23

An unfortified expression of the Palomino grape, made famous by Sherry. Made in an old boat yard on a beach, it’s rich in stone fruits, with a chalky structure, a hint of that classic sherry flor and all leading to a salty sea air finish. Incredible depth and complexity from this weird and wonderful white.


Natural Red

Pur Breton Cabernet Franc £24

The wine that nearly landed rebel winemaker Olivier Cousin in jail. Disillusioned by the relaxing of appellation rules around winemaking practices, Cousin sacked off his wine Anjou DOC status and instead named it Denomination Olivier Cousin – much to the fury of the lawmakers in France. The wine is about as pure an expression of Cab Franc as you’ll find, bright dark fruits with a chewy herbaceous edge and bright, succulent acidity. Perfection.

20191114_140404_resizedBotanical Beer

Kemker & Gruthaus Dubbel Porse £14

The Dubbel Porse is a historic Grut beer brewed according to a recipe from 1480. Brewed with wheat, oats, worse, juniper, caraway hemp a touch of hops, this botanical beer is yeasty, with a touch of sweetness leading to rich floral and spicy tones with a slightly sour edge. Incredible depth and complexity in this unique style.


Add all that to our tasting machine, our incredible range of spirits and our extraordinary beer room and there is a new tipple for everyone this month, year and decade at Tiny’s.