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We are taking the current situation seriously – there is plenty of hand washing and sanitizing going on, but we are open for the foreseeable. Follow our Twitter and Instagram feeds for up-to-the-minute info about our shop.

We are also accepting email orders for collection. All of our stock is listed on our website – just send over what you would like to tiny@tinystipple.co.uk

We are expecting the shop to get busier as we get closer to the festive season, and because of our maximum capacity, there might be a queue to enter. If you’d like to avoid a wait in the cold, we really recommend that you start your christmas shopping early! Also remember that you can skip the queue if you pre-order by email.

We would like to thank everyone coming through our door. The uncertainty this year has been a bit tricky, so we really appreciate your custom.

November Newsletter

I actually wrote the November newsletter just before lockdown was announced… but then everything changed again, and we had to scrabble about to work out what the rules were and whether we could and should open (plus, my lame puns about fireworks now seemed a bit out of place!) But we are open for the forseeable, we have plenty of hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray, and we are gearing up for Christmas! So here’s our news and picks for the month!

Speaking of the run-up to Christmas, we’re offering Beer Advent Calendars! We thought this would be a great way to help support the hard-hit brewing industry, while also introducing some beer-based joy to the festivities! For £125, you get 24 hand-picked craft beers, all festively wrapped up and numbered. We’re making these to order, so please send us an email if you’d like one!

This month’s staff picks pair well with Bonfire Night back-garden sparklers, cold nights, and snuggling under blankets on the sofa. We’ve also chosen a few smokey tipples to help re-create that ~bonfirey vibe~ indoors. 

Ardbeg Corryvreckan £90

This whisky is perfect for lovers of peat and smoke – I reckon it’s the smokiest thing in the shop. Named after the nearby famous whirlpool, this Islay single malt is powerfully peaty and immensely satisfying. Flavours of peat, tobacco, slightly medicinal clementine peel, burnt herbs, roast chicken crisps, smoked meat, spice, and a tangy, salty finish. Corryvreckan is an intense dram that we simply love.

Pilton Ten £4.50

This dry keeved cider was made to celebrate Pilton’s 10th birthday. This artisan cider producer from Somerset makes gorgeous cider, full of complex flavour. This one started out as a clean bittersweet keeved cider from 2019, that was then blended with a smooth, low tannin 2018 Jonagold cider and other ciders from multiple barrel-aged batches. The result is a layered, full-bodied, dry cider. A perfect accompaniment to roast lamb or robust beef stew.

Alasia Barolo £23

From Araldica is Piemonte’s most forward-thinking co-operative, situated in Castel Boglione, in the heart of Barbera d’Asti territory. This is Araldica’s top tier Barolo from selected vineyards. The grapes are grown on sustainable and eco-compatible vineyards, trained on a low Guyot trellis, before being hand-harvested, fermented in steel and matured in  Slavonian oak casks for three years. A fine, expressive style with lightly smokey and floral aromas with richness and structure. Dark plum, leather and delicate violet aromas, plus notes of woodsmoke and brown spice. A full, firm and ripe red with rich, powerful flavours. All balanced by ripe tannins, complex savoury notes and a long finish.

Alpha Box & Dice Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viogner £20

This Ozzy orange wine is complex, exotic, and completely bonkers. The grapes, Semillon and Viognier, come from the same plot in McLaren Vale – the vineyard has a sand and clay soil, and is close to the beach, which gives the grapes lovely briney notes. The Semillon is picked when just ripe, right after losing green capsicum flavours and the Viognier is picked before it develops apricotty characteristics, keeping the blend crisp. The grapes are co-fermented on their skins for three weeks before spending 18 months in oak (70% in aged barrels and 30% in re-worked (Phoenix) barrels). A pithy, textured wine with exotic and complex flavours of guava, capsicum, spice, almonds and smoke. Try it with curries – particularly Thai Green.

J Perrier NV £42

A new wine on our shelves, this classic sparkler is great for any celebratory moment (and any ordinary moments tbh). Founded in 1825, Joseph Perrier has been owned and run by the same family since 1888 from the base in Châlons-en-Champagne, home to three kilometres of galleries. The NV Brut Champagne is a chardonnay-dominated blend, and has been aged for three years before release in order to fully develop rich flavours. This wine is a perfect balance of delicate freshness, with complex richness – flavours of green apple and vine peach bring a fruity touch, with a nice roundness on the palate, and a long and refreshing finish. Enjoy as an aperitif, or, if you’re being extra fancy, with gravlax.

Vault City Pear and Vanilla Sour £7.50

This Dundee based brewery has made a name for itself recently by making EXTREMELY FRUITY beers. These juicy little numbers are just so damn refreshing. This one is sweet, comforting, and full of decidedly ~autumnal~ tasting pear flavours. The sweet cakeyness of the pear and vanilla is balanced by lip-smacking tartness.

Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen £3.50

Have you ever thought: “I’d like a beer that tastes like bacon”? If so, this is your lucky day! It might sound a little mad, but bear with me! Schlenkerla is one of the last few remaining producers of traditional smoked beer in the world, but smokey beer used to be the norm. The intense smokey flavour comes from the method of malting, where the grains are heated using a wood fire – before the invention of modern malting methods, all beer would have had this smokey flavour from the wood fires. The delicious smokey malt is then made into a gorgeous clean lager in Schlenkerler’s own lagering cave. You’re gonna have to trust me on this one – this beer is fantastic (if an acquired taste)!

Jute Bag £9

Made out of eco-friendly jute, these bags are big enough to fit 6 bottles of wine or beer, and there’s a nice protective divider to ensure your precious cargo doesn’t get smashed! It features a cute wee drawing of our shop (drawn by our very own Rach), and it would make a lovely present – especially if filled with booze 😉

Remember, remember to enjoy your November (preferably with something alcoholic!) We also all have to look after each other – check on your neighbours, donate to food banks, support your local area, wash your hands, and keep safe!

Lots of love,

Tiny’s crew x