The New Normal

The last few months have been a bit weird for everyone – us included. And as we all adjust to this “new normal”, we’ve got another small change to introduce you all to: our new normal opening hours!

Opening Hours
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 12-7pm
Wednesday: 12-7pm
Thursday: 12-7pm
Friday: 12-8pm
Saturday: 11-8pm
Sunday: 12-7pm

We’ve been slowly increasing our opening hours over the last couple of weeks, but we’re now going to stick with these ones (no more, the trials and tribulations of wondering whether your local wine shop is open!) 

We’re also still offering the pre-order service – just send your order to All of our products are listed on our website for you to choose from, or you can just ask for our recommendations! 

We look forward to seeing you all (from a safe distance, obviously!), but if you need further encouragement to pop in and say hello: have a wee look at our staff picks for July!

July Picks

Domaine du Pre Semele Sancerre Rose £22

This elegant and crisp Rose is perfect for those warm and summery afternoons. Domaine du Pre Semele is in the beautiful Loire Valley, and run by brothers Julien and Clement. The 100% Pinot Noir grapes are picked at optimum ripeness and gently pressed to capture the delicate flavours and aromas. Wild strawberry, zingy citrus, and fresh cherry are balanced with sophisticated wafts of floral and herbal notes. 

Quinta das Arcas Conde Villar Alvarinho £16

Produced by a family owned vineyard in the north of Portugal, this wine was made to suit warm, slow afternoons. With a generous, yet soft body, and luscious notes of orange blossom, lemon and peach. And as an added extra, the bottle is bloomin’ gorgeous too. Serve lightly chilled whilst reclining in the sunshine. 

Scacciadiavoli Montefalco Sagrantino £25

This Umbrian winery takes its name from an exorcist who used to live nearby (from scacciare – to banish, and diavoli – devils), and this wine is devilishly delicious. Sagrantino is an unusual, highly tannic grape, and it has created this powerful and punchy wine. Intense notes of ripe plums, red berries, herbs and spices, softened with leathery barrel flavours. It’s big and juicy, and tastes like the most Italian wine you’ve ever had – more Italian than an Italian driving a Ferrari, drinking espresso and wearing Gucci. Pair with pizza. Obviously. 

Squawk Brewing Pavo Pale Ale £5.20

Local brewery, Squawk, name all their beers after the scientific names for birds and this 3.8% pale is named after the Indian Peafowl. This beer has the malty and biscuity backbone of a traditional British cask ale, but with an exotic twist coming from the grapefruity hops. It’s a perfect session pale for your ‘back-garden beer-garden’. 

Burning Sky Saison de Fete £17

Saisons were historically brewed in Belguim as a thirst-quenching drink for summer farm labourers – so this one is spot-on for labouring (or not!) in your garden. This one is from Burning Sky in Sussex. Light and crisp, with a tight bubbly texture and a subtle spicy character from hops, spices, and spelt. 

Masons Peppered Pear Gin £46 (paired with Steep Soda Co. Rhubarb £2)

This Dry Yorkshire Gin was made in a still called Steve. The pears and pink peppercorns add an elegantly fruity and spicy twist. Pair with plain tonic for a refined aperitif. Or if you have a sweet-tooth: drink with a tart and sweet Steep Rhubarb soda (the rhubarb is also from Yorkshire, so this makes this an extra-Yorkshirey tipple – there’s nowt like it).

Enjoy your summer.

Lots of love,

Tiny’s crew x