Spring Wines and our Wonderful Wine Tasting


Whilst the clouds still sometimes gather,  there is the unmistakable colour of spring littering the streets – with a splattering of glorious sunshine to boot. Bursts of purples, pinks, whites, greens and yellows are injecting the streets with life. It is almost impossible to not feel enlivened by the beauty around us – it’s almost enough to help us forget about Brex…

Along with the change of colour on the streets, so too the taste of what we want to drink changes. Those big hearty reds can make way for bright, fresh, wines which reflect the vibrancy of the landscape around us. Crisp whites, light reds, rosés and bubbles are all on the agenda now, along with the occasional Aperol Spritz, the ever-present G&T and some light, fruity, and even sour, beers.

Over the past few months we’ve been tirelessly going to tastings to find new wines to add to our range – as i’m sure you can imagine it has been exhausting, but we’ve struggled on for you. To celebrate what we’ve found we’ve got a Wine Tasting on May 16th at 8pm where we will showcase a selection of our new wines, with the added bonus of canapés provided by a local chef and the pleasure of our company. Tickets are £20 and are available to buy in store.

Our shelves are stacked with delicious booze to meet your every need, here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be quaffing this spring to give you some inspiration.

Manager’s Selection

Lunetta Prosecco £11 (Aperol £16)
This is a double whammy. Perfect on its own on those spring afternoons in the garden, or when someone is daring enough to get a barbecue out. However, it’s also one piece of an Aperol Spritz. 75ml of Prosecco, 50ml of Aperol, few cubes of ice, wedge of orange- topped with soda -and you’ve got a flavour as bright and fresh as the sunshine over Florence. The sunny season starts and ends with an Aperol Spritz.



Ed’s Pick
Pomona Island Bonbonbonbons Table Beer £3.70 440ml
We are lucky enough to have got our hands on the first canned offering from one of Manchester’s hottest new breweries. This is one of four new beers they’ve graced us with. It’s light and fresh with soft stone fruits and pineapple. It’s infinitely quaffable but full in flavour for a beer of only 3.3% ABV.


Callum’s Pick
Rose Chateau Gairoird Provence £14.50
Real men drink rosé, i don’t care what anyone says. This Provence rosé is pale pink in colour, with soft red fruits, a touch of peach and an irresistible dry, minerally, finish. It’s so delicate, but with exceptional depth and complexity.


Michael’s Pick
Pierre Bouree Pinot Noir £19
It’s always nice to get a snapshot into the majesty of red burgundy without having to remortgage your house for it. This wine does exactly that; a light, delicate garnet colour with earthy and strawberry fruit on the nose. Mouthwatering acidity balances the moderate tannins and supremely elegant red fruit. It’s a stunning red.


Something Special 

Turckheim Riesling Grand Cru 2013 £23

Premium grapes from one of Alsace’s noble varietals – this is a showstopper. Vibrant floral notes on the nose give way to a stunning palate, with a touch of nut and lime peel coming from a bit of age along with that classic burnt rubber and crunchy green apple we adore in Riesling. The finish is dry, with mouthwatering acidity and a long apple crumble note. It’s the best wine i tried at all the trade tastings we went to in February – and extroardinary value at £23.


We’re the perfect place to kickstart your spring and inject more colour into your days.

With love,
Tiny’s x