Fear not: we are still here for all your boozy needs! 


Due to the threat of coronavirus, we have decided to become a pick up only service. 

Here’s how it works:

Simply send an email to tiny@tinystipple.co.uk with your order! Nearly all of our products are on our website, so you can browse online and just copy and paste the names of the products into the email. We can also choose for you – Just send an email with a brief description of what you would like:

Eg. Can you choose for me? I would like 6 assorted dry white wines between £15 and £20, and 12 assorted pale ales between £4 and £6. 

Please also include in the email your full name. We’ll email you back when you can pick up your order from our shop. We’ll be operating as one-in-one-out and accepting only card payments to further minimise the risks.

We’ve also introduced Online Events that you can attend from your sofa!