The Look of Love

Is Improved by Wine


It has been a long January. Those who partook in Dry January, we forgive you and still love you. Those who partook in Tryanuary, we love you. It’s been approximately 4563 days since pay day, and no one is pretending it was easy. However, fear not, the end is here and you’re safe to check you bank balance again.

February is our favourite month of the year. It’s a time to celebrate the end of January, the days getting longer, the sun threatening to shine and looking deep into the future and not seeing a glimpse of Christmas – what a time to be alive!!

It’s also Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is one of those times of year that no one really wants to say they celebrate but everyone does in fear of their spouse thinking they don’t love them. There. I said it. Those of us without a spouse pour scorn on the concept whilst secretly wishing someone was buying us a bottle of Champagne.

One thing is for sure, whatever side of it you’re on, beautiful food and drink is an absolute necessity this month – and we’re here to help.

Valentines Picks

Manchester Raspberry Gin £41
Yes it is pink and that is a massive cliche but it also tastes lovely – so get off my back. Manchester Gin have been producing top end gin for a few years now, and their Raspberry Infused Gin is soft and elegant, with just the right amount of fresh raspberry to give it a hue and that sweet and sour raspberry edge. The perfect pink gin.

Caol Ila 12yo £55
Imagine sat by a cosy fire with your loved one (or alone) with a blanket over you and some soft slow-fi beats on. This is what that tastes like. Caol Ila is a peaty whisky but with a delicate touch. That bonfire smokiness is pronounced on the nose, but it isn’t overwhelming. It’s gentle and warm and gives way on the palate to soft stone fruits, almonds and a hint of heather. Stripped back Islay single malt at its very best.

Magpie Estate Sparkling Shiraz £22
This sparkling wine starts life as a big Aussie Shiraz, aged for 12 months in oak before undergoing secondary fermentation in the bottle to give it its fizz. It’s a real showstopper with dark, delicious black cherry notes, hints of chocolate and pepper, all given a light freshness by those bubbles. A beautiful drop.

Domaine Bouchie- Chattellier Pouilly Fume ‘Premier Millisime’ £25
For anyone who loves Sancerre this is the wine for you. The top cuvee from Bouchie-Chatellier sourced from an outcrop of silex soil – the soil which produces the best of the best in Sancerre. Ripe, herbaceous aromas are nettle and dill, balanced by crisp citrus fruit. The palate has a lovely chalky texture giving the weight to balance its complexity. Incredible stuff.20200131_135911
La Colombaia Amarone £29
This rich warm red is made using partially dried grapes, which produce concentrated sugars and big, decadent, wines. Bucket loads of dark fruit,w it a big dollop of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. This red has an air of fruitcake with cream about it. It is decadent to the max.

Boon Geuze Marriage Parfait 2015 £11.50
This vintage offering from critically acclaimed Belgian brewery Boon is an exceptional example of craftsmanship when it comes to blending Lambic beers. The finest three year old Lambics are selected to create a stunning beer which combines the fruitiness of lime zest and tangerine with soft notes of notes of vanilla, all with a slightly tart finish. Perfect Lambic at a brilliant price for a 750ml bottle.


There’s a mouthwatering selection of beautiful booze to get your February off on a good note.


Be happy, be romantic and drink beautifully.


Tiny’s x