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March Newsletter

As we come up to the first anniversary of the first lockdown (Happy Birthday?!?!) we’re feeling a little reflective. It’s been one year of no parties, no hugs or handshakes, no friday nights down the pub, and no… well… no anything really. We’re acutely aware of all the difficulties and heartache that has happened in the last year, but it’s not been all totally bad:

We’ve learnt that we can adapt – from ‘wfh’ to zoom quizzes, from face masks to sanitiser, I reckon we’ve taken it all in our stride. In the past year our little shop has been a ‘click and collect’ warehouse and a ‘hole in the wall boozer’, we’ve done virtual wine tastings and now we’ve just started doing deliveries

As well as learning to really, really appreciate our nearest and dearest, we are now aware of how important those little catch-ups at the local bar/coffee shop/post office/wine shop are. We are proud to be part of the Chorlton community, and, honestly, being able to have quick chats with you guys has been a life-line. We’ve been blown away with the support we’ve had from you guys in this last year. Thank you. 

It’s also been a year since I (Rach) started, which I’m counting as a good thing! I’ve really enjoyed working here, and I’m looking forward to working here when the world gets a bit more normal.

PS – Remember that it’s Mother’s Day on the 14th -get them something nice!

Staff Picks

To celebrate my first anniversary, the staff picks this month are just all MY favourites. Cos I’m selfish like that. 

Larue Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Les Combes 2018 £38

One of our newest whites, and also one of the most elegant in the shop. The grapes (Chardonnay) come from Les Combes Au Sud, west of Puligny-Montrachet. The gentle slopes and mild climate promote rich, peachy flavours in the grapes, and the alluvial soil brings a delicate minerality. Fermented and aged in oak, with 10 months on the lees. A creamy body, with notes of ripe stone-fruit, nuts, and lightly acidic butter. Delicious now, but will also age beautifully.

Turckheim Brand Riesling Grand Cru £23

The first wine I bought from the shop, and still one of my favourites. It’s a lovely classic Alsace Riesling – dry and elegant. The grapes come from Grand Cru vineyards on the granite slopes, overlooking the medieval town of Turckheim, and enjoy an amazing amount of sunshine. According to legend, it was on this “terre de feu” that a battle took place between a dragon and the sun. The sun-drenched, ripeness and mineral-rich soil creates a beautiful wine, with complex notes of ripe pear, lime, grapefruit, savoury saline, and touches of smoke, toast, and petrol, with a steely finish. 

Emiliana Coyam £24

Emiliana are one of my favourite producers that we have in the shop. This Chilean company have vineyards across the whole country, all of them organic, and many of their wines are also natural. We have quite a few wines from these guys, at varying price points, and all of them are right bangers. This natural red blend spent 14 months in oak, and has intense, juicy notes of cherries, plums, and blueberries, with hints of black pepper, leather, and pencil lead. Concentrated flavours, punchy acidity and a long finish – we recommend decanting to get the most out of this one.

Baglio Antico Catarratto £17

If you haven’t tried orange wine before, this fruity little number is a great place to start. Orange wine gets its beautiful colour from extended skin contact. In white wine making, the juice is normally separated from the skins before fermentation, but with orange wine, the grapes are fermented with the skins (like red wine). This imparts colour, as well as extra flavours and textures from the grapes. This one comes from Sicily, from organic vineyards high in the hills above Alcamo. The grapes spent several weeks macerating with the skins during the natural fermentation, giving this wine its pretty amber-orange colour and pithy texture. Notes of rich, bitter-sweet clementines, savoury herbs, ginger and spice. 

Gran Cerdo Tinto £11.50

My ‘bottom shelf banger’ of choice. Made by legendary winemaker, Gonzalo Gonzalo (he also has a pretty epic name), this wine is organic and natural – two excellent qualities in my book! Made using only native yeasts, with whole bunch fermentation, light filtration, no stabilisation and minimal sulphur. The juicy elements of Tempranillo shine through with no oak to mask them. Big notes of ripe cherries and blackberries, with a light floral touch of lavender, and a rich, earthy and herbal finish. Good, chunky tannins and bright acidity make this red super moreish and very food-friendly. I dare you not to like it.

Fernando De Castilla Palo Cortado £41

Truly awesome! The awesomeness of which will set any Sherry aficionados taste buds trembling. Palo Cortado is a rare variety of Sherry that is initially aged under flor to become a Fino or Amontillado, but inexplicably loses its veil of flor and begins aging oxidatively as an Oloroso. Only about 1-2% of sherry naturally develop into Palo Cortado. The name means ‘cut stick,’ in reference to the mark made on the cask: since the wine was originally destined to be a Fino or Amontillado, it will initially have had a single stroke mark, but when the cellar master realises that the wine is becoming a Palo Cortado, they draw a cross through the initial stroke, resulting in a ‘cut stick’. It has the smokey, smooth richness of Oloroso, with the crisp, tangy nuttiness of Amontillado. Super morish, and goes down a little too easily. 

Amaro Montenegro £30

A staple of my drinks cabinet. This gorgeous distilled Italian spirit was named for a 19th century Princess, Elena of Montenegro. Made with over 40 different botanicals and spices, including bitter-sweet orange peel, oregano, coriander, cloves, nutmeg, artemisia, and cinnamon. It’s a complex tipple – bitter and herbaceous, spicy and floral, sweet and roasted, fresh and balsamic, fruity and sweet, warm and tropical. It’s a great multitasker in cocktails – sub it in for campari, aperol, and cynar (my favourite is a Montenegro Negroni). Also great on it’s own, with ice and a slice of orange.

Ridgeview Blanc De Noirs £54

Ridgeview’s estate is in rural Sussex, on the edge of the beautiful South Downs. They focus solely on sparkling wine and grow only Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (classic Champagne grapes). With a cool climate, but with plenty of sunshine, the grapes develop mouthwatering acidity paired with full ripe flavours, and they are hand-picked to ensure that the wine is perfectly balanced. Their Blanc De Noirs is only made in the best years: it has rich notes of toasted brioche and ripe red berries, with bright lemony acidity and light touches of savoury herbs. I had this decadent little number for my bougie birthday breakfast, and I loved it so much I had to get it in the shop for you all to try!

3 Fonteinen Cuvee Armand & Gaston £14

Pronounced ‘Dry Fon-tay-nan’, this Belgian brewery and blendery produces lambic – beer that has been spontaneously fermented. Going since 1887, 3 Fonteinen produces classics which never go out of fashion. This Geuze is a blend of one, two, and three year old Lambic which have been aged in oak barrels, and the blend is then refermented in bottle. Unlike their house Geuze, the Cuvee Armand & Gaston is blended using only Lambic produced at 3 Fonteinen’s own brewery. Light and bright lemony tartness, with soft funk, biscuity yeast flavours, and a tight, persistent fizz: this is truly the champagne of beer styles. The funky, bretty flavours will develop with bottle age (if that’s your thing). Pair with salad and seafood, or as an aperitif.

Squawk Corvus £4.70

This crackin’ stout is a classic brew from local legends, Squawk Brewing. At 7.4%, he’s a chunky boy, but with a dangerously refreshing and crisp body. It tastes like rich roasted coffee and sweet milk chocolate, with the tiny tickle of Sorachi Ace dry-hop giving it a lightly coconutty finish. I’m gagging for a cask pint of this one, but the can is just as delicious and it’ll tide me over till our beloved pubs return.

Hang on in there. Hang on to the silver linings of the past year. The end is, thankfully, in sight!

Lots of love,

Tiny’s Crew x