Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019!!

We should start here with a huge thank you to everyone who came to us over Christmas and throughout 2018. Christmas is always a chaotic time in the shop but you all make it worthwhile. We hope we added some sparkle to your Christmas, provided gifts for your loved ones, helped you buy something for someone when you had run out of ideas or just provided you with a drink when you needed it. We had a great Christmas and you all played a part in that, so thank you.

Christmas is done now though and we’re in to January, which is a totally different proposition, but fear not because we are here to help you navigate the month as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re going for Dry January, Veganuary, Tryanuary or just carrying on as normal, our shelves are stacked with goodies to get you through. Below are a few of our picks for the month ahead.

Dry January
Thornbridge Big Easy £1.90
Full of flavour but low in alcohol. Big Easy overflows with sublime American hops which produce a bouquet of lemon, peach and apricot. We’ve got a great range of low/non alcoolic beers to whet your appetite this month, but in my opinion this is the best low alcohol beer on the market.


Gran Cerdo Tempranillo £11
I cannot stop banging on about this wine. Tempranillo from the Rioja region, it’s full of juicy red fruits with pops of sweet spice, silky tannins and a bright, fresh, finish. Natural Wine at it’s best – and a knockout at this price.


Vila Nova Alvarinho £12
Alvarinho has shot to fame by the popularity of Vinho Verde, but other regions have taken on this fantastic grape and are producing wines of exceptional quality. Straw yellow in colour with notes of peach, passion fruit and lychee laid on a bed of walnuts and honey. Incredible complexity for a wine at this price and not to be missed.


The Year Ahead

2019 is promising to be a big year in every way. The country has a lot on, potentially culminating in something happening on March 29th, but we forget what… At Tiny’s we will continue to change and expand on our already extensive selection of wine, beer and spirits to keep you, and your taste buds, constantly exploring and evolving. We’ll also be putting out our Tasting Calendar for the year in the next few weeks, which will start with a wine tasting at the end of March, details of which will be released shortly. If you’d like more information on our upcoming tastings please drop us a line with your email address and we will add you to our mailing group.

Have a great January!!