Bring on the Indian Summer.. Please!!



Well, I think it is safe to say that summer has been typically Mancunian thus far. But, fear not, all hope is not gone because August, September and October bring fresh hope and we may still feel the heat of the beautiful English summer sun on our faces. However, if the sunshine doesn’t come to us then it is up to us to take some responsibility and go and get it – and we are here help you do that.

We’ve added an array of new products over the last few months which will inject some sunshine into your lives. Here are a few of our favourites:

Manager’s Special

La Senechaliere La Boheme £21

From Muscadet, Loire Valley, and made from the same grape (Melon de Bourgogne)  this white is a combination of the juice from 3 different vintages. Minimal intervention with no added sulphites, natural yeasts and no finings or filtration – about as natural as natural gets. The palate is rich, with baked apple crumble, ripe peach, a touch of cream and zesty lemons. The finish is crisp and dry, with succulent acidity keeping the palate really fresh.


Ed’s Pick

Domaine de Brau Cabernet Franc £15

A perfect expression of Cabernet Franc with crunchy dark fruits, violets and a chewy herbaceous edge. Domaine de Brau are located just north of Carcassonne and make wines that shore pure (it’s in the name) expressions of their incredible fruit. This Cabernet Franc is perfect ripe and balances concentrated fruit with savoury notes and lively, mouth-watering, acidity. Chill it down for 30 minutes and bask in its glorious sunshine.

cHCEfbfg.jpg-smallCallum’s Pick

Stillwater Insetto Plum Sour £5

The brewing brainchild of DJ Brian Strumke, Stillwater has quickly become a world renowned gypsy brewing, brining recipes to live in various stateside breweries. Instead is a dry-hopped sour, containing plums sourced from Italy, and combining extra hoppy-bite with juicy dark plums and tartness. It’s rich but remarkable fresh and balances sweet and sour perfectly.


Max’s Pick

Emiliana Organic Sparkling £17

This is a huge favourite in our shop. Fizz is always guaranteed to brighten up the dreariest of days, and a champagne style fizz at a fraction of the price will always shine the biggest and brightest. This Chilean fizz is the made from the traditional champagne blend and combines bright citrus fruits with toasty nutty notes and a brioche backbone. Remarkably similar to Verve in all but price tag. Superb stuff.

IMG_7835If the sun isn’t shining then it is up to us to go and find it. Come with us. 

With love,