Let’s Make Our Lives Great Again

January is finally over, 2019 has officially begun, and it is time to make our lives great again. Winter will soon begin to lift and spring will brighten the streets with flecks of colour, the days will get longer and longer and life will get better and better…. hopefully.

As we prepare for Spring it’s important you know that we are to help this transition go as smoothly as possible. Nothing warms the shekels quite like a tipple on a cold night, and we’ve emboldened our range to help you as much as we can. In addition to our excellent range we also have an extensive list available to us by order, so whatever it is you need to get you through these cold nights we’re at hand to sort it out for you.

Whilst we have a wonderful range of cold night classics we also have a beautiful list of off-piste tipples to enliven your taste buds. Be it whisky, wine, gin, brandy or bourbon, start your new year with a new tipple and let’s see where we can take your taste buds in 2019.

Here are our picks of warming drops to get you through these cold nights:

Manager’s Special
Laphroaig Quarter Cask £43
This Distiller’s Edition has that classic bonfire smoke that we associate with Laphroaig, but the use of the smaller barrels tempers the power of the smoke and as an extra helping of vanilla and toasty, nutty, notes.


Ed’s Pick
Mora Memo Cannonau £18
From high in the hills of Sardinia comes this indigenous varietal (Cannonau) which is smooth and elegant, with generous red fruits, coffee and and warming spices. The tannins are smooth and silky – a wonderfully cosy red.


Callum’s Pick
Brandy Metaxa 7 Stars £29
Metaxa is a Greek brandy which dilutes cask strength Brandy with muscat wine and  selection of a botanicals including anise and rose petals. The result is a brandy with seductive dried fruit, vanilla, clove and orange peels with a silky finish. You can feel and taste the warmth of that Greek sunshine in every drop.


Michael’s Pick
Rubino Negroamaro £11.50
An ethereal red with enveloping notes of cherry, plum, blackberry and black pepper balanced against savoury notes of leather, thyme and rosemary. Elegantly structured with a long persistent finish and smoothtannins. A positively charming red, displaying exceptional value for money.


January is over now – we love you and are here for you. Let’s make our lives great again!!