• 10% off a case (12 or more) bottles of wine, mixable across the range
  • 10% off a case (24 bottles) of beer, mixable across the range
  • A loyalty card for customers spending £25 on wine and/or beer – £25 discount on wine/beer when your card is full (terms and conditions apply).
  • Expert advice from friendly knowledgeable staff

This is our WineEmotion tasting machine, handmade in Italy just for us. It gives you, our customers, the chance to try a selection of the wines in our range. 

We currently have over seventy bottles from our spirits range open for you to try. We think that it is important that you know what something tastes like before you spend your money on it; it gives you the confidence that the product is good. Until now we have only been able to offer this tasting service on our spirits range but with the WineEmotion dispenser we can let you try a sample of our wines. Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourselves.


Here is how it works

The dispenser holds eight wines in two temperature controlled chambers, at the moment three whites and five reds. We selected a starting line up of bottles and since it was installed back in July we have shown seventy different bottles of wine in it. Over time we will put most of our range in the machine, giving you the chance to sample or drink as you browse the shelves.

Once the bottles are opened and placed in the unit they are then resealed with a neutral gas that keeps the wine fresh for up to 28 days. If there is something you really want to try, just let us know and when it goes in we can keep you up to date.

Here is how you play with our new toy.

You get yourself “A Taste at Tiny’s” card and put credit on it, in multiples of £5. The card costs £10 and you get all £10 as credit. Each of the cards has a small chip that is personal to you and records your tasting history, so you can remember what you’ve tasted.


Once you have your tasting card you pop it in the slot and select the wine you fancy trying.IMG_2279 You can try any of the wines in one of three tasting sizes, 20ml, 50ml or 100ml:

20ml is enough to taste, 50ml lets you get more of a feel for the wine, while 100ml really allows you to enjoy the wine that little bit more.IMG_2286

As we are not a bar and we just want you to be sure of your purchase, we are not charging bar prices. As a result you can try a wine for as little as twenty pence.IMG_2283

We commissioned furniture maker and designer, Reclaimed and Bespoke, to build us a dedicated cabinet to house the machine. We think it looks great, so a big thanks to Paul, Gillian and Tom. Just to make sure the cabinet was working well, Paul and his girlfriend Ann Clair popped in for a glass of wine; here they are enjoying a Tiny Tipple. They look like they are enjoying it.