Tanqueray Export Strength £26
A classic London Dry style. Crisp, clean, with zesty/citrusy top notes and a juniper base.
Blackwoods £28
This Shetland distillery uses botanicals local to the island. Floral and herbal, with a touch of lemon.
Hayman’s Sloe Gin £30
A beautifully coloured tipple – notes of sweet and earthy sloe with autumnal spices.
Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition £36
A floral and lightly sweet gin from Sevilla. Made with citrus, jasmine and vanilla.
Manchester Signature £38
This local gin is infused with 12 botanicals, including dandelion and burdock root, juniper, almond, coriander, angelica and citrus.
Manchester Wild Spirit £38
A local small-batch gin, with locally foraged botanicals. Notes of juniper, liquorice, mint and florals.
Bathtub Gin £39
A zesty, rich and complex palate of juniper, orange blossom, orange peel, cardamom and cinnamon
Hendricks £39
This Scottish gin is made with juniper, cubeb berries, elderflower, chamomile, citrus peel, coriander, rose petal and cucumber.
Malfy Con Arancia £39
A juicy gin made with Sicilian blood oranges. Fruity sweetness is balanced by juniper, grapefruit peel and vanilla.
Malfy Rosa £39
Sicilian pink grapefruit makes this gin tart and tangy. Balanced with notes of juniper, rhubarb, pepper and thyme.
Manchester Blackberry £41
Jammy, juicy blackberries supported by juniper and citrus: a sweet and moreish local tipple.
Manchester Raspberry £41
A variation on the signature gin. Sweet raspberry fruit with layers of juniper, dandelion and lemon.
The Botanist £42
From Bruichladdich distillery, this floral gin features 31 botanicals, including juniper, gorse, hawthorn, heather, lemon balm, tansy and birch.
Manchester Three Rivers £42
Made in the heart of the city, this full bodied gin is a staff favourite. Rich juniper, with sweet cardamom and a touch of vanilla.
Gin Mare £43
A herbal and savoury Italian spirit, made with olives, rosemary, thyme, basil and citrus. A must for a dirty gin martini.
Nordes £43
An unusual Galician gin made from Albariño grapes (rather than grain-based). Notes of eucalyptus, floral tea, lemon and samphire.
Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb £44
The Northamptonshire distillery bring us tart and tangy rhubarb with notes of lemon, juniper, pepper and cardamom, with a balanced sweetness.
Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Peppered Pear £46
Lovely bright and spicy pink peppercorns at the forefront, with earthy-sweet pears o n a malty base spirit.
Uncle Val’s Botanical £46
A floral and richly herbaceous American gin. Notes of juniper, lavender, lemon, sage and cucumber.

Tinto Red Gin £46
An unusual Portugese gin made from rye and barley spirit, citrus peel, blackberry, elderberry, white willow, dill, celery, perico and catnip.
Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin£47
This Dutch gin is made with warming Indonesian spices – clove, cardamom, lemongrass, coriander – with fragrant rose petals.
Monkey 47 £49
Named for the 47 botanicals (and hefty 47% abv), this earthy and herbal gin comes from the Black Forest. Notes of pine, wood, citrus and savoury herbs.
Brooklyn Gin £50
Made with entirely organic, fresh ingredients. Citrus-forward (lime, orange, lemon), with notes of juniper, orris, coriander and lavender.

Forest Gin £55
From Macclesfield forest comes this gorgeous small-batch gin. The organic base spirit is infused with juniper, coriander, and locally foraged botanicals including bilberries, gorse, raspberries and moss.
FEW Breakfast £58
This American gin was developed specifically for the creator’s boozy brunches! It features lovely bergamot-forward Earl Grey Tea, along with fresh notes of juniper, lemonbalm, violet, peppermint and coriander.
Nikka Coffey Gin £60
Named after the Coffey still it is produced in, this is a gorgeously clean spirit from the Japanese distillers. Vibrant and citrussy, it uses local botanicals, including yuzu, amanatsu, kabosu, shikwasa, and sansho pepper.
Alkkemist £60
This Spanish gin romantically describes itself as “distilled by the light of the moon.” It features 21 botanicals, including muscat grape, samphire, citrus peel, rose petals, thyme, fennel and mint. It’s floral and fruity, with a touch of sweetness.
Ginraw £63
A chef, a sommelier, a mixologist, and a perfumer… sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s actually the beginning of this expertly crafted gin. Herbaceous and juniper forward, with waves of citrus, pine, and perfumed spices.
Forest Earl Grey £65
Another lovely gin from the Macclesfield distillers. Here, they have taken their original organic gin and have infused it with Earl Grey Tea from Cheshire blenders, Quinteassential. The lovely earthy flavours are lifted with a delicate florality and tea notes.


Tanqueray Export Strength £26.00 vv
Blackwoods £27.00 vv
Hayman’s Sloe £30.00 vv
Puerto de Indias Black Edition £36.00 vv
Manchester Signature 500ml £38.00 vv
Manchester Wild Spirit 500ml £38.00 vv
Bathtub Gin £39.00 vv
Hendricks £39.00 vv
Malfy Con Arancia £39.00 vv
Malfy Rosa £39.00 vv
Manchester Blackberry 500ml £41.00 vv
Manchester Raspberry 500ml £41.00 vv
The Botanist £42.00 vvo
Manchester Three Rivers £42.00 vv
Gin Mare £43.00 vv
Nordes £43.00 vv
Warner Edwards Rhubarb £44.00 vv
Uncle Val’s Botanical £46.00 vv
Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Peppered Pear £46.00 vv
Bobby’s £47.00 vv
Monkey 47 500ml £49.00 vv
Brooklyn £50.00 vvo
Forest £55.00 vvo
FEW Breakfast £58.00 vv
Nikka £60.00 vv
Alkkemist £60.00 vv
Ginraw £63.00 vv
Forest Earl Grey £65.00 vvo