Rebellion Spiced Rum £23
A sweet and spicy Trinidadian spiced rum – notes of vanilla, cinnamon, oak and creme caramel.

Havana Club 3 Years Anejo £26
A Cuban rum aged for 3 years in bourbon casks, then filtered for clarity of colour and flavour. Light and zesty, with notes of marzipan, lime and ginger.
Appleton Estate Signature £27
A classic Jamaican rum aged in small casks for extra oaky flavour. Notes of caramalised pineapple, candied ginger and treacle.
Goslings Black Seal £28
A classic Bermudan dark rum. Well balanced notes of rich fruitcake, stewed fruit, sweet spices and herbs.

Havana Club 7 Years £32
This Cuban rum was aged for 7 years – sweet, buttery notes of toffee, honeycomb, biscuits, and dried fruit, with a smokey malty finish.
Diablesse Clementine £36
  This is proper Guyanan rum which has been spiced, blended and bottled right here in Manchester! Zesty notes are balanced by spice and toffee-sweetness.
Diablesse Golden £41
Proper Caribbean rum that has blended and bottled right here in Manchester! Notes of vanilla, charred pineapple and banana, with a clean, peppery finish.
Appleton Estate 12 Year Old £45
Aged for at least 12 years in oak, this rich Jamaican rum has notes of molasses, ripe fruit, nuts, biscuits, and exotic spices.
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva £50
This aromatic Venezuelan rum is a staff favourite. Rich notes of christmas cake, bananas, custard, cocoa and vanilla, with a long, gingery finish.
Zacapa Sistema Solera 23 £70
A nutty Guatemalan rum, blended using a solera system of bourbon and sherry casks. Notes of honey, almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate and brown sugar.
Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum £75
Originally produced exclusively for the Gosling family, but they’ve since decided to let everyone else try it! Rich and creamy, with notes of marmalade, leather, dark chocolate, stewed apples and spice. 

Rebellion Spiced Rum £23.00
Havana Club 3 Years Blanco £26.00
Appleton Estate Signature £27.00
Goslings Black Seal £28.00
Havana Club 7 Years £32.00
Diablesse Clementine £36.00
Diablesse Golden £41.00
Appleton Estate 12 Year Old £45.00
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva £50.00
Zacapa 23 Solera £70.00
Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum £75.00