Australian & New Zealand Wine


Australia’s wine producing areas are mainly to the south of the country, surrounding the coastal cities of New South Wales, Perth, and Adelaide, as well as the island of Tasmania. Skirting the coastline, the warm and sunny vineyards are protected from harsh weather by rolling valleys, and are cooled by ocean breezes. The grapes experience a long, warm and dry growing season, and are thus beautifully ripe and juicy when they are harvested February-April (remember – their summer is our winter!) Expect wines full of big juicy fruit flavours, balanced by a good acidity and expert use of oak: big reds that taste like plums and spice, and soft whites that are full of peach and citrus flavours.

Australian White

Listening Station Chardonnay £9
Crisp, clean, zesty and fruity – white peach with a fresh acidity and mineral finish.
Spitting Spider Chardonnay £10.50
Refreshing palate of crisp green apple, peach and zesty lemon, with a bright acidity.
Wild & Wilder The Courtesan Riesling £13.50
Mouthwatering and luscious melon, grapefruit and elderflower, rounded by just a touch of sweetness.
Thistledown Great Escape Chardonnay £17
Full bodied, with creaminess and a soft vanilla note from oak aging, and a refreshing citrus acidity.
Spinifex Lola Semillon Vermentino £20
Interesting and complex – a pithy structure with a savoury, herbal palate with hints of tropical fruit.
Josef Chromy Delikat Tasmania Riesling £21
Delicate sweetness with crisp acidity. Flavours of rose, jasmine, citrus fruit and notes of fennel.Riesling 100%
Amen Break Quarry Ridge Chardonnay £23
Concentrated flavours of fig, pear, wet stones, and a hint of mealy phenols on the finish, with bright acidity. Chardonnay 100%

Listening Station Chardonnay £9.00 v
Spitting Spider Chardonnay £10.50 vv
The Courtesan Riesling £13.50 vv
Thistledown Great Escape Chardonnay £17.00 vvo
Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling £19.00 vv
Spinifex Lola Semillion Vermentino £20.00
Josef Chromy Delikat Tasmania Riesling £21.00
Amen Break Chardonnay £23.00 vv

Australian Orange Wine

Alphabox & Dice Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viogner £20
Pithy, with exotic and complex flavours of guava, spice and smoke.

Alpha Box & Dice Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viognier £20.00 vv

Australian Red Wine

Listening Station Malbec £9
Full of appealing crisp and minerally dark fruit, with notes of luscious dark chocolate.
One Chain Wrong ‘Un Shiraz Cabernet £9.50
Black fruits with touches of woodspice, liquorice and cassis, with a velvety finish.
Little Eden Pinot Noir £12
Medium bodied, with flavours of cherries, strawberries, cocoa and earthiness.
Wild & Wilder The Exhibitionist Merlot £12
A big red with big flavours of plum and damson, softened by subtly spicy barrel notes.
Wild & Wilder The Pugilist Cabernet £12
Sweet cherry fruit, with savoury notes of spices, oregano, thyme, and violets.
Wild & Wilder The Opportunist Shiraz £12
Thick and smooth: notes of cherries & blackcurrants, coffee, dark chocolate & liquorice.
Wild & Wilder The Unforgettable GSM £14
Aromatic, deceptively light but with beautiful wild fruit, and slurpy, supple tannins.

Killibinbin Secuction £14.50
Bold, with dark fruit flavours, spicy pepper with a hint of vanilla, and a rounded, full body. Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Leconfield Kudos £15
A fruit-forward red – lovely notes of wild berries, with subtle oaky richness. Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Richard Hamilton Colton’s GSM £15
A fresh and expressive wine with notes of red fruits, blueberries, fruitcake, and cloves, with a crunchy acidity. Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre
The Colonial Estate Explorateur Shiraz £16
A complex, big red – notes of blackberry,  liquorice, oak, aniseed olives, cashew nuts and oak.
Ricca Terra Bullets before Cannonballs £16
Juicy notes of plum, black fruit, liquorice, cola, and a hint of smoke and tobacco.
Some Young Punks Naked On Roller Skates £16.50
An expressive red, with notes of musk, violets, black fruit, juniper and charcuterie meats.
Some Young Punks Passion Has Red Lips £16.50
A concentrated palate of cranberry, cherry, treacle, black tapenade, herbs and tobacco.
Vinaeceous Red Right Hand £17
Fresh ripe fruit, earthy, gravelly, savoury notes with faint old oak spice and a silky body to finish. Shiraz, Grenache, Tempranillo
Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz £18
A smooth, full bodied red wine with full notes of damson, blueberries and dark chocolate. Shiraz 100%
Thistledown Thorny Devil Grenache £18
A punchy red with elegant notes of wild strawberry and spice, with a silky texture.
Stella Bella Cabernet Merlot £19
A bright and refreshing red: good acidity and tannins, with notes of redcurrant and cherry.
Vinaceous Reverend V Mount Barker £19
Crunchy cassis perfume and cedar notes follow onto the palate of rich ripe berries and oaky spice. Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Some Young Punks The Squid’s Fist £20
Sour cherries, plums, raspberries and sweet spices with a pinch of black pepper and smoke.

Bethany Estate Shiraz £21
Elegant yet full flavoured with notes of dark forest fruit, spicy overtones and restrained oak characters, with a lingering finish. Shiraz 100%
Alpha Box & Dice ‘Fog’ Nebbiolo £25
A velvety, tannic structure, with gorgeous notes of rose Turkish Delight, sandalwood and tobacco. Nebbiolo 100%
Alpha Box & Dice ‘Xola’ Aglianico £27
A complex red with strong minerality, softened by fresh summer fruit flavours and earthiness. Aglianico 100%
Josef Chromy Pinot Noir £28
Deep cherry and raspberry flavours with hints of mocha and clove, with an elegant, tannic finish.

Listening Station Malbec £9.00 vv
One Chain Wrong ‘Un Shiraz Cabernet £9.50 vv
Little Eden Pinot Noir £12.00 vv
Wild & Wilder The Exhibitionist Merlot £12.00 vv
Wild & Wilder The Pugilist Cabernet £12.00 vv
Wild & Wilder The Opportinust £12.00 vv
Wild & Wilder The Unforgettable Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre £14.00 vv
Killibinbin Seduction Cabernet £14.50 vv
Richard Hamilton Little Road Shiraz £15.00 vv
Leconfield Kudos Cabernet £15.00 vv
Richard Hamilton Colton’s Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre £15.00 vv
The Colonial Estate Shiraz £16.00
Ricca Terra Bullets before Cannonballs Tempranillo Lagrein Aglianico Nero D’Avola Durif £16.00 vvo
Some Young Punks Naked On Roller Skates Shiraz Mataro £16.50 vv
Some Young Punks Passion Has Red Lips Cabernet Shiraz £16.50 vv
Vinaceous Red Right Hand Shiraz Grenache Tempranillo £17.00 vv
Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz £18.00 vvon
Thistledown Thorny Devil Grenache £18.00 vvo
Vinaceous Reverend V Mount Barker Cabernet £19.00 vv
Stella Bella Cabernet Merlot £19.00 vo
Some Young Punks The Squid’s Fist Sangiovese Shiraz £20.00 vv
Bethany Estate Shiraz £21.00 vv
Alpha Box & Dice ‘Fog’ Nebbiolo £25.00 vv
Alpha Box & Dice ‘Xola’ Aglianico £27.00 vv
Josef Chromy Pinot Noir £28.00 vv

Australian Sparkling Wine

The Magpie Estate Tight Cluster Shiraz £22
This sparkling red is a quirky Ozzy style. Rich, jammy fruit and leathery/spicy notes are brightened by zingy acidity bubbles.
Josef Chromy Sparkling NV £28
Vibrant – lemon and lime juice, Granny Smith apples and a waft of fresh bread and the faintest hint of fennel.

The Magpie Estate Tight Cluster Sparkling Shiraz £22.00
Josef Chromy Riesling Sekt £28.00

New Zealand

New Zealand’s climate is cool and maritime, with plenty of rainfall, which produces grapes with exciting flavours and defined acidity. The whites are crisp and fruity, leaning towards the tartness of lemons, gooseberry, and passionfruit, with refreshing herbal and grassy flavours. Red wines are light and dry, with complex notes of earth, flowers, spice, and cheek-suckingly tart red fruit.

New Zealand White Wine

Mokoblack Sauvignon £11.50
Bursting with zesty citrus, white stone fruit, and tart gooseberry – crisp and refreshing.
Mayfly Sauvignon £12
A straightforward and fresh Sauvy B. Notes of peach, citrus, and asparagus.
Satellite Sauvignon £14
Crisp and vibrant, with flavours of citrus fruit and passion fruit.
Spy Valley Sauvignon £16
Bright and fresh, with aromas and flavours of citrus fruit, peach and gooseberry.
Zephyr Gewurztraminer £16
A gorgeous perfumed combo of rose petal, ginger and lemongrass, with a lightly sweet and tropical finish.
Spy Valley Pinot Gris £17.50
Bright notes of pear, melon and hints of exotic spice, with yeasty richness coming from extended lees contact.
Spy Valley Riesling £17.50
Vibrant juicy nectarine, with subtle notes of ginger, spice and lemon rind, with a crisp and salty minerality.

Mokoblack Sauvignon £11.50 vv
Mayfly Sauvignon £12.00 v
Satellite Sauvignon £14.00
Sherwood Stoney Range Pinot Gris £14.00 vo
Spy Valley Sauvignon £16.00
Zephyr Gewurztraminer £16.00 vvo
Spy Valley Pinot Gris £17.50
Spy Valley Riesling £17.50

New Zealand Red Wine

Moko Black Pinot Noir £13.50
A light and crisp red, with generous notes of cranberry and redcurrant. Serve lightly chilled.
Zephyr Pinot Noir £20
Vibrant notes of raspberries and wild forest fruits with cedar and spice. Juicy and textural.
Amen Break Pisa Moorings Pinot Noir £24
Big in weight, but perfumed, deep and full of concentrated notes of red plum, black cherry and Campari, with fine tannins. Pnot Noir 100%
Spy Valley Envoy Pinot Noir £30
Fresh red berry fruit supports a crisp and crunchy texture, with a long, perfumed firm finish.


Moko Black Pinot Noir £13.50 vv
Zephyr Pinot Noir £20.00 v
Amen Break Pisa Moorings Pinot Noir £24.00 vv
Spy Valley Envoy Pinot Noir £30.00 vv

v = vegetarian
vv = vegan
o = organic
n = natural