English Wine

You’d be forgiven for not associating wet and cold England with great wine production, but you’d also be wrong! English Wine has come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years and is now a quality niche product. English producers have really focussed on quality over quantity: the vineyards are often organic/biodynamic, and wine makers employ both cutting edge and age-old techniques. The climate is also pretty similar to the Champagne region (heard of it?!) The cool weather produces grapes with exciting flavours and defined acidity – expect crisp and fruity whites, complex dry reds, and perfectly balanced fizz.


Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve £16
Ripe peach, apple and elderflower, complemented by the tiniest touch of sweetness.
Trevibban Mill Harlyn £19
Off-dry, with aromas of white pepper and blossom – almond, peach, honey & citrus on the palate.
Davenport Horsmonden Dry White £20
Aromatic, with peach and floral notes and a slight biscuity yeast character.
Henners Native Grace Barrel Chardonnay £20
Apple, lemon and peach, with toasty, buttery notes and textural richness from time spent in barrel.
Albourne Estate Bacchus £21
Crisp, with complex aromatics: elderflower, green pepper, mango, lemon thyme to and Thai basil.
Albourne Estate Selection £21
A layered and textural white blend. Lime, acacia & hazelnut with a distinctive ‘salty’ minerality.
Albourne Sandstone Ridge £21
A soft, full bodied white, with exotic flavours of honeysuckle, jasmine, fresh coconut & white pepper.
Sharpham Wild Ferment Pinot Gris £22
Tart nectarine, vibrant tangerine, with a lovely pithy texture from extended skin contact.
Bolney Estate Pinot Gris £25
A smooth medium bodied white, with notes of juicy pear, citrus, and a fresh grassy finish.
Trevibban Mill Constantine Chardonnay £25
A Chardonnay blend aged in French oak – aromas of  honey with smoke, vanilla & melon.
Litmus Element 20 £27
Fresh notes of creamy orchard fruit, candied lemon peel, blossom and coconut, with good minerality.

Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve £16.00 vv
Trevibban Mill Harlyn £19.00 vvo
Davenport Horsmonden Dry White £20.00 vvon
Henners Native Grace Barrel Chardonnay £20.00 vv
Albourne Estate Bacchus £21.00 vv
Albourne Estate Selection £21.00 vv
Albourne Sandstone Ridge £21.00 vv
Sharpham Wild Ferment Pinot Gris £22.00 vv
Bolney Estate Pinot Gris £25.00
Trevibban Mill Constantine Chardonnay £25.00 vvo
Litmus Element 20 £27.00 vv


Sharpham Estate Pinot Noir £22
Light, but bursting with juicy red fruit with lovely soft tannins and spicy, clovey notes.
Bolney Estate Pinot Noir £25
Light and dry – notes of wild blackcurrant, tannic blackberry seed, with an earthy finish.
Trevibban Mill Black Ram Dornfelder Rondo £25
Medium bodied. Flavours of dark chocolate, baked plums & black pepper and cherry.

Sharpham Estate Pinot Noir £22.00 vv
Bolney Estate Pinot Noir £25.00 vv
Trevibban Mill Black Ram Dornfelder Rondo £25.00 vvo


Oxney Rosé East Sussex England £21
Crisp and tart raspberry and cherry flavours, with a light and dry structure.

Oxney Rosé £21.00 vvo


Litmus Orange Bacchus £22
Tropical fruit flavours, typical of Bacchus grapes, are combined with touches of hazelnut, fennel and marzipan.
Trevibban Mill Orion Skin Fermented £25
Aromatic, with unusual ‘sherry-like’ oxidative notes of dried apricot, spice and orange peel.

Litmus Orange Bacchus £22.00 vv
Trevibban Mill Orion Skin Fermented £25.00 vvon


Trevviban Mill Pet Nat £22
Bright and tropical with notes of sweet elderflower. Pour carefully to avoid shaking up the yeast!
Exton Park Brut Reserve £30
This fizz uses classic champagne methods and grapes. Sharp and crisp flavours of orchard fruit.
The Bolney Estate Bubbly Brut £30
Fresh flavours of elderflower and lychee, with soft notes of brioche from this English sparkler.
Exton Park Blanc de Noirs £32
Lively citrussy acidity with soft notes of brioche and spices – really reminiscent of a hot-cross-bun!
Oxney Estate Classic NV £32
Peach and floral notes, with a lovely fresh bread yeast character and a creamy texture.
Exton Park Rose £33
A delicate pink fizz, with delicate notes of rose and punchy, sharp wild strawberry.
Henners 2014 Reserve £35
An elegant English sparkling with crisp notes of apple and subtle yeasty flavours.
Davenport Limney Estate Sparkling £36
Fruity, with lovely biscuity notes: it’s like the best apple crumble you ever had!
Trevibban Mill 2017 Black Ewe £37
A bright and crisp Cornish sparkling wine made using methode champenoise.
Trevibban Mill 2017 Black Ewe Rose £37
A fresh and dry pink sparkling wine – notes of cranberry and fresh summer fruit.
Oxney Estate 2016 Classic £42
Notes of fresh peach, with subtle flavours of honey and a gorgeous creamy texture.
Albury Classic Cuvee £43
Ripe, fruity acidity with a touch of peachy sweetness – a lovely English sparkling wine.
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee £45
Made in a classic Champagne style, this English sparkler is a great alternative. Toasted brioche, with a zingy citrus twist.

Trevibban Mill Pet Nat £22.00 vvon
Exton Park Brut Reserve £30.00
The Bolney Estate Bubbly Brut £30.00
Exton Park Blanc de Noirs £32.00
Oxney Estate Classic NV £32.00 vvo
Exton Park Rose £33.00
Henners 2014 Reserve £35.00 vv
Davenport 2014 Limney Estate £36.00 van
Trevibban Mill 2017 Black Ewe £37.00 vvo
Trevibban Mill 2017 Black Ewe Dornfelder Rose £37.00 vvo
Oxney Estate 2016 Classic £42.00 vvo
Albury Classic Cuvee £43.00 vvon
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee £45.00 vv

v = vegetarian
vv = vegan
o = organic
n = natural