Natural and Orange Wine

Natural wine is quite a loose term but to describe it briefly, natural wine means low intervention wine. It is wine that, from grape to bottle, is made with the philosophy of allowing natural processes to determine the eventual product.

The flavours of natural wine can range from incredibly weird and funky, to pretty much indistinguishable from “normal” wine: the key difference is that natural winemakers allow the grapes to ferment and develop flavour naturally, rather than tightly controlling the process. If you’d like to know more, you can read our quick explainer on our blog:

Natural White Wine

Ciello Bianco £10
Skin contact lends this wine grippy texture and a golden hue. Notes of sweet apple and herbaceousness.
Gran Cerdo Blanco £11.50
A luscious natural wine from the Rioja region. Super aromatic, with a silky texture, and notes of exotic fruit. It’s a staff favourite!

Valenciso Rioja Blanco £21
A classic white Rioja: a creamy texture, with complex notes of preserved lemon, cashew, and apricot.

Davenport Horsmorden Dry £20
Aromatic, with peach and floral notes and a slight biscuity yeast character.


Ciello Bianco £10.00 vvon
Gran Cerdo Blanco £11.50 vvon
Valencia Rioja Blanco £21.00 vvn
Davenport Horsmonden Dry £20.00 vvon

Natural Red Wine

Ciello Rosso £10
Generously fruity: black cherries, tart plum, and a whisper of moreish liquorish.
Gran Cerdo Tinto £11.50
Fruity and lactic notes – a bit like blackcurrant yogurt – with an earthy and tannic finish.
Paul Mas “Rural par Nature” Rouge £13
Rich, smooth, with well-balanced acidity and notes of ripe strawberries and cherries. Grenache 50%, Carignano 25%, Syrah 15%, Merlot 10%
Chateau Couronneau Bordeaux £15
This Merlot is full of damson flavours, with a subtle vanillary edge.

Emiliana Salvaje Syrah Roussanne £15
A lovely black fruit-forward wine, with hints of smoke and spice from the wild yeast.
Chateau Rochecolombe Cotes Du Rhone £15
An elegant red: unoaked and full of clean, fresh blackcurrant flavours.
Clos Fantine Faugeres Tradition £23
Super savoury and meaty – notes of bay, thyme, and bretty flavours of woodsmoke and game.
Domaine Lafran-Veyrolles Bandol £24
Wild fermentation gives wild flavours of fresh earth, black pepper, cinnamon, bay, cloves and blackberry.
Emiliana Coyam £24
A big fruit-bomb. Cherries, plums, with good acidity and hints of pepper and florals.
Olivier Cousin Pur Breton Cabernet Franc £26
A mouthful of juicy cherry, plums and chalk tones with a naughty whiff of mushroom and undergrowth.
Etnella Tracotanza £26
Fresh and fruity – red berries, delicate spices, with a defined minerality. Nerello Mascalese 85%, Nerello Cappuccio 14%, Field Blend 1%
Davenport Diamond Fields Pinot Noir £26
Light and dry – notes of wild blackcurrant, tannic blackberry seed, with an earthy and farmyardy finish.

Domaine De La Borde Trousseau Jura £37
Light, dry, with a touch of oak. One for Pinot Noir lovers who want to try something new.

Emiliana Ge £43
Complex, with notes of blackberries, pepper, spices, vanilla and dark chocolate.


Ciello Rosso £10.00 vvon
Gran Cerdo Tinto £11.50 vvon
Paul Mas “Rural par Nature” Rouge £13.00 vvon
Chateau Couronneau Bordeaux £15.00 vvon
Emiliana Salvaje Syrah Roussanne £15.00 vvon
Chateau Rochecolombe Cotes Du Rhone £15.00 vvon
Domaine Lafran-Veyrolles Bandol £24.00 vvon
Emiliana Coyam £24.00 vvon
Davenport Diamond Fields Pinot Noir £26.00 vvon
Etnella Tracotanza £26.00 vvon
Olivier Cousin Pur Breton Cabernet Franc £26.00 vvon
Domaine De La Borde Trousseau Jura £37.00 vvon
Emiliana Ge £43.00 vvon

Orange Wine

Orange wine gets its beautiful colour from extended skin contact. In white wine making, the juice is normally separated from the skins before fermentation, but with orange wine, the grapes are fermented with the skins (like red wine). This imparts colour, as well as extra flavours and textures from the grapes.

Baglio Antico Catarrato £17
Richly textured, with fruity and bright wild-fermentation flavours. A great place to start with orange wine.
Alphabox & Dice Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viogner £20
Pithy, with flavours of exotic guava, spice and smoke.
Trevibban Mill Orion £25
Aromatic, with unusual ‘sherry-like’ oxidative notes of dried apricot, spice and orange peel.

Litmus Orange £22
Tropical fruit flavours, typical of Bacchus grapes, are combined with touches of hazelnut, fennel and marzipan.


Baglio Antico Catarrato £17.00 vvon
Alphabox & Dice Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viogner £20.00 vvon
Litmus Orange Bacchus £22.00 vv
Trevibban Mill Orion £25.00 vvon

Pet Nat and Sparkling

The two most common ways of making sparkling wine are the Méthode Champenoise and the Méthode Ancestrale. Pettilant Naturel means ‘naturally sparkling’ and these wines are made using méthode ancestrale. Pet Nat is bottled before fermentation has finished, and the CO2 created in the fermentation process is trapped in the bottle, making it sparkle. This differs from the champagne method, where a finished still wine is refermented in bottle with the addition of sugar.

Trevviban Mill Pet Nat £22
Bright and tropical with notes of sweet elderflower. Pour carefully to avoid shaking up the yeast!
Davenport Limney Estate Sparkling £36
Made using méthode champenoise, it’s fruity, with lovely biscuity notes. It’s like the best apple crumble you ever had!


Trevibban Mill Pet Nat £22.00 vvon
Davenport Limney Estate Sparkling £36.00 vvon