South American Wine


Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, this long slim country offers a vast variety of terroirs, which is reflected by the large range of quality wine styles. The country’s vineyards are on coastal plains and valleys – protected from the ice-cold Humbolt Current by the Andes, and watered by the melt from their snowy peaks. The limestone soil and proximity to the sea impart gorgeous, structured minerality and salinity to the wine. Expect crisp whites with tart fruity acidity; perfumed and subtle Pinot Noirs; and intense reds with notes of dark fruit, herbs and spices.


Sierra Grande Sauvignon £8
A fresh and crisp wine packed with lime zest, lemon and kiwi fruit flavours.
Emiliana Adobe Organic Gewurztraminer £10
Floral and fruity: notes of jasmine, lychee, honey, apricot, and mandarin orange. 
La Leyenda de Las Cruces Sauvignon Blanc £11
Full of zesty pink grapefruit and crunchy orchard fruit, with a herbacious, nettley character.
Tabali Pedregoso Viognier £11.50
Rich notes of orange peel, dried apricot, fresh pears and peaches, plus hints of candied fruit.
Emiliana Novas Riesling £12
Steely minerality, with bright fruity lime and gentle honeysuckle flora.
Amatua Absoluto Torrontes £12
Bright and appealing with notes of tropical fruit, citrus blossom, rose-petal, lemon grass and ginger.
Tabali Barranco Viognier £19
Elegant, with subtle floral notes, dry white fruits and spices, with a defined minerality.
Tabali Talinay Chardonnay £21
A balance of citrus and tropical fruit, with a strong minerality and a green, sappy finish.

Sierra Grande Sauvignon £8.00 vv
Emiliana Adobe Organic Gewurztraminer £10.00 vvo
La Leyenda de Las Cruces Sauvignon Blanc £11.00 vv
Tabali Pedregoso Viognier £11.50 vv
Emiliana Novas Riesling £12.00 vvo
Amauta Torrontes £12.00 vv
Tabali Barranco Viognier £19.00 vv
Tabali Talinay Chardonnay £21.00 vv


Sierra Grande Pinot Noir £8.50
Delicate and elegant with flavours of plums and wild strawberries, with subtle smoky notes.
Montevista Merlot £9
A big and meaty red with flavours of plum, cherry and bramble, with a hint of herbs and spice.
El Viejo del Valle Pinot Noir £10
Bright and textural. Notes of red currant, raspberry and wild strawberries, with a touch of spice.
Emiliana Adobe Carmenere £10
Intensely fruity – plum, blackcurrant and redcurrant –  with smooth, ripe, velvety tannins.
Emiliana Novas Carmenere Cabernet £12.50
Easy drinking, with notes of blackcurrant, strawberries, black pepper, tobacco, and chocolate. 
Emiliana Novas Cabernet Sauvignon £12.50
Vibrant plum, red fruit and delicate herbal notes, with a tannic, grippy texture.
Tabali Merlot £13.50
A concentrated palate, with crunchy red cherry and plum fruit with fine grain tannins.
Emiliana Salvaje Syrah £15
A velvety red,with intense fruity notes of blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and violets
Tabali Reserva Especial Pinot Noir £15
A mouthwatering delicate Pinot Noir with smoky plum and redcurrant and hints of strawberry.
Tabali Talud Cabernet £19
An elegant wine, with fresh notes of blackcurrants, black cherries and spices.
Emiliana Signos De Origen ‘Los Robles’ £20
Fruity notes of strawberries and cherries, along with balsamic, leather, violet, spice and vanilla.
Tabali Talinay Pinot Noir £22
A bright and finessed red with notes of cherries, limestone minerality, and balanced salty acidity.
Emiliana Coyam £24
A beautiful blend with notes of cherries, plums, blueberries, black pepper, leather, and pencil lead.
Tabali Roca Madre Malbec £39
Intense blackberry and blueberry fruit characters, with notes of aniseed, fennel, violet and graphite. 
Tabali Payen Syrah £43
Softly spiced bramble and blackberry fruit, with sweet and spicy oak character and surprising mineral notes.
Emiliana Ge £43
Complex, with bold notes of blackberries, pepper, spices, vanilla, rosemary, and dark chocolate.

Sierra Grande Pinot Noir £8.50 vv
Montevista Merlot £9.00 vv
El Viejo del Valle Pinot Noir £10.00 vv
Emiliana Adobe Carmenere £10.00 vvo
Emiliana Novas Carmenere Cabernet £12.50 vvo
Emiliana Novas Cabernet Sauvignon £12.50 vvo
Tabali Merlot £13.50 vv
Emiliana Salvaje Syrah £15.00 vvon
Tabali Reserva Especial Pinot Noir £15.00 vv
Tabali Talud Cabernet £19.00 vv
Emilliana Signos De Origen ‘Los Robles’ Carmenere £20.00 vvon
Tabali Talinay Pinot Noir £22.00 vv
Emiliana Coyam £24.00 vvon
Roca Madre Malbec £39.00 vv
Tabali Payen Syrah £43.00 vv
Emiliana Ge £43.00 vvon


Argentina is home to some of the highest elevated vineyards in the world: perched on the foothills of the Andes, the altitude protects the vines from the dry heat of the surrounding Atacama Desert. The cool mountain air creates a fresh acidity in the grapes, and the rocky slopes bring out a lovely minerality. The height also exposes the vines to intense sunlight, which gives the grapes more antioxidants and thicker skins, equating to more color, tannin and flavor intensity. On our shelves we have plenty of those massive, jammy red wines that Argentina is most famous for; and we have some gorgeous, tropical whites; and some unusual, delicate reds from experimental producer, Ver Sacrum.


Nieto Senetiner Blend £12.50
Bright and crisp, with notes of tropical fruit, citrus blossom, lemongrass and ginger.
Don Nicanor Chardonnay £14
Restrained use of oak keeps it light and fresh: notes of citrus, pineapple, vanilla, and florals.
Suana Balbo Crios Torrontes £14.50
A light, zesty white – notes of lime, tropical fruit, and exotic florals, with a bracing acidity.
Atamisque Serbal Viognier £16
Fresh, light, and aromatic, with lovely notes of honeysuckle and stone fruit.
Atamisque Serbal Chardonnay £16
An elegant, unoaked chardonnay – crisp and light, with subtle flavours of citrus and apple.
Cadus Vista Flores Chardonnay £17.50
Defined minerality, with fresh lemony acidity, crunchy green apple flavours, and a textural finish.
Susana Balbo Signature Barrel Fermented Torrontes £19
The exotic fruity notes of Torrontes have been softened by subtle oak. A delicate and beautiful wine. 
Susana Balbo Signature Semillon Sauvignon Torrontes blend £19
Sauvignon for crisp fruitiness, Torrontes for rich exotic flavours, and Semillon for light honeyed notes.

Nieto Senetiner Blend £12.50 vv
Don Nicanor Chardonnay £14.00 vv
Susana Balbo Crios Torrontes £14.50 vv
Atamisque Serbal Viognier £16.00 vv
Atamisque Serbal Chardonnay £16.00 vv
Cadus Vista Flores Chardonnay £17.50 vv
Susana Balbo Signature Barrel Fermented Torrontes £19.00 vv
Susana Balbo Signature Semillon Sauvignon Torrontes blend £19.00 vv


Tesoro de los Andes Malbec Bonarda £9.50
A bramble fruit bomb, with damson and savoury overtones of mixed spice.
Santuario Malbec £10.50
A classic Malbec, full of ripe plum, blueberry and blackcurrant flavours with a soft spiciness.
Pablo Y Walter Malbec £11
A vibrant, unoaked Malbec, with lifted violet aromas, and flavours of redcurrant and cassis.
Lorca Lorca Malbec £12
A touch of Syrah livens up this Malbec! Flavours of raspberries, strawberries, black pepper and kirsch.
Susana Balbo Anubis Malbec £14
Clear notes of dark fruit, a hint of violets and a subtle kiss of vanilla from time spent in oak.
Atamisque Serbal Cabernet Franc £14
Classic Cab Franc notes of fresh capsicum and pencil shavings, with delicious red berry fruits.
Don Nicanor Malbec £15
Dark, dense and complex, with sweet cranberries, blackberries and rich mocha characters.
Atamisque Serbal Pinot Noir £16
A lovely young, unoaked red with plenty of pure varietal fruitiness and a plump texture.
Cadus Tupungato Malbec £18
An elegant and silky red with intense notes of black fruits, fresh herbal notes and spice.
Cadus Tupungato Cabernet Sauvignon £18
Very rich, full bodied, with deep cassis and blackcurrant fruit, and a touch of oaky spice.
Atamisque Catalpa Pinot Noir £20
Subtle use of barrel for soft spicy notes that complement flavours of wild strawberries and earth.
Bressia Monteagrelo Malbec £20
A powerful red with notes of plum and cherry fruit, leather, spices and hints of violets.
Dieter Meier Puro Cabernet Sauvignon £21
Ripe, curranty sweetness, with masses of cassis, green peppers, spices and fresh mint.
Ver Sacrum Monastrell £22
A delicate red made with minimal skin contact – notes of black fruit, herbs, and bitter chocolate.
Dieter Meier Puro Corte £22
A complex red with lots of summer fruits, touches of wood-spice, hints of herbs and tomato leaf.
Ver Sacrum Garnacha Syrah Monastrell £22
Made with no skin contact, this GSM is light and delicate: notes of redcurrant, flowers, and herbs.
Nieto Partida Limitada Bonarda £28
A rich red with notes of plum, summer fruit compote, with hints of black pepper and leather, with a smooth and velvety texture.
Atamisque Malbec £30
A sophisticated old-vine red, with notes of blueberry, plum, earthiness, and hints of tobacco, cedar, coffee and violet.
Dieter Meier Puro Corte d’Oro £31
A plump and generous Bordeaux-style red, with plenty of fresh fruit notes (plums, blackberries) and a touch of spice.
Ver Sacrum Dona Mencia de Los Andes £32
Minimal skin contact has created a light, delicate red with notes of cherry sweets, dried flowers, almonds, and black olive.
Ver Sacrum Gloria S Garnacha £33
Made with no skin contact, this light red has notes of fresh red cherries and candied fruit, with firm tannins.
Ver Sacrum La Dama Del Abrigo Rojo Nebbiolo £34
Slightly more skin contact than the other Ver Sacrum wines, but still light, with notes of red fruit, rose, and umami meatiness.
Cadus Single Vineyard Malbec £38
Powerful ripe red fruit, and prunes, with notes of sweet vanilla, with liquorice, spice and dark chocolate.
Benegas Lynch 2011 Meritage £50
A gorgeous plummy blend, with elegance and spicy complexity from extensive cellaring and bottle age.

Tesoro de los Andes Malbec Bonarda £9.50 vv
Santuario Malbec £10.00 vv
Pablo Y Walter Malbec £11.00 vv
Lorca Lorca Malbec £12.00 vv
Susana Balbo Anubis Malbec £14.00 vv
Atamisque Serbal Cabernet Franc £14.00 vv
Don Nicanor Malbec £15.00 vv
Atamisque Serbal Pinot Noir £16.00 vv
Atamisque Serbal Assemblage £18.00 vv
Cadus Tupungato Cabernet Sauvignon £18.00 vv
Cadus Tupungato Malbec £18.00 vv
Atamisque Catalpa Pinot Noir £20.00 vv
Bressia Monteagrelo Malbec £20.00 vv
Dieter Meier Puro Cabernet Sauvignon £21.00 vvo
Ver Sacrum Garnacha £22.00 vv
Ver Sacrum Monastrell £22.00 vv
Dieter Meier Puro Corte Malbec Merlot Cabernet £22.00 vvo
Ver Sacrum Garnacha Syrah Monastrell £22.00 vv
Nieto Partida Limitada Bonarda £28.00 vv
Atamisque Malbec £30.00 vv
Dieter Meier Puro Corte d’Oro Malbec Cabernet Franc Petit Verdot £31.00 vvo
Ver Sacrum Dona Mencia de Los Andes £32.00 vv
Ver Sacrum Gloria S Garnacha £33.00 vv
Ver Sacrum La Dama Del Abrigo Rojo Nebbiolo £34.00 vv
Cadus Single Vineyard Malbec £38.00 vv
Benegas Lynch 2011 Meritage £50.00 vv


Uruguayan wine is still in it’s infancy – this modern industry dates back only a century, but it has gained a reputation for beautiful wine, particularly Albarino and Tannat. The maritime climate of the vine-growing regions is relatively cool, and both reds and whites retain a characteristic and attractive freshness, and Altos de Jose Ignacio is a small family business which showcases the unique characteristics of Uruguayan terroir.

Altos de Jose Ignacio Albarino £18
A fresh and peach whitey, with a lovely rounded minerality and a refreshing lemony acidity.
Altos De Jose Ignacio Reserve Tannat £18
A juicy red with fresh aromas of plums, raspberries and spices, and soft silky tannins.

Altos de Jose Ignacio Albarino £18.00 vv
Altos De Jose Ignacio Reserve Tannat £18.00 vv