Having events in person isn’t possible right now…


Our talented staff have hand picked some of their favourite wine and beer and will be hosting live guided tasting events that you can attend from your own home!

The events are open to all and are completely free, but we do advise buying the wine and beer for the event, so you can drink along! All our events will be hosted via Instagram Live (scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to find the videos if you haven’t used it before).


Past Events

Guided Beer Tasting: Modern Saison

Friday 22nd May, 7pm


It’s another Bank Holiday Weekend (I swear the last one was just yesterday??) and we’re doing another virtual tasting to celebrate. This time we’re drinking a Kaffir Lime Leaf and Citra saison from two modern brewing legends: Fantôme and Polymath.

As well as going through a guided tasting, we’ll be chatting about Saisons and fitting this particular beer into the history of the style.

Join us on Instagram Live at 7pm for a “Friday Night Out (but in)” with a beer. You can buy the beer for £16 (it’s a big bottle) – just ask for the Fantôme Polymath when you email your order.

Guided Wine Tasting: Bank Holiday Fizz

Friday 8th May, 7pm


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the Bank Holiday! Join us on Instagram Live: we’ll be popping bottles of this gorgeous Chilean fizz – it’s completely organic and made using the traditional méthode champenoise. We’ll guide you through the taste and style, and we’ll talk about how sparkling wine is made.

We’ll also show you how to make one of our favourite champagne cocktails – a very, very classy French 75.

You can buy the Emiliana Organic Sparkling Wine for £17 – just email your order to

If you’d like to try making the cocktail with us you’ll also need some fresh lemons and a gin (we’ll be using Malfy Originale: available from our shop for £39).

Guided Wine Tasting: A Petit Taste Of Burgundy

Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd May, 7pm


Burgundy is one of the bastions of classic French wine making, and we’re going to be trying a couple of the lighter styles that the region has to offer. We’re drinking a lovely Chablis from Domaine de la Motte, and a classic Pinot Noir from wine maker Pierre Bourée. Join us as we guide you through both wines (the taste, the style, the wine making process) and we’ll tell you a little bit about the area as a whole.

These events have been a lot of fun – it’s like a night out, but we’re all comfy at home! We’ll be drinking the white on Friday, and the red on Saturday. You can buy both wines for £37 – just ask for the “A Petit Taste Of Burgundy Event Box” when you email your order.

Guided Beer Tasting Event: Exploring Lager

Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th April, 7pm


Join us as we try some classic lager styles – from crisp Pilsner, to earthy Schwarzbier, to smokey Rauchbier. Our resident beer nerd, Rachel, will be taking us through the various styles in a series of videos. You’ll never say “I’ll just have a lager” again!

We’ll be drinking Augustiner and Kostrizer on Thursday, Jever and Paulaner on friday, and finishing with Reissdorf and Schlenkerla. You can buy all the beers for £21.10 – just ask for the “Exploring Lager Event Box” when you email your order.

Guided Wine Tasting Event: Gran Cerdo

Friday 10th – Saturday 11th April, 8pm


These two wines are staff favourites, and we’d love to tell you why we like them so much! The legendary winemaker, Gonzalo Gonzalo Grijalba, is all about natural processes and minimal intervention to allow the grapes to really shine, and boy do they!

We’ll be drinking the Gran Cerdo Blanco on Friday, and the Tinto on the Saturday. Join us on Instagram Live at 8pm on both days for a cosy Guided Tasting. You can pre-order the wines individually here, or you can buy both for £23 – just ask for the “Gran Cerdo Event Box” when you email your order.

Guided Belgian Beer Tasting: Quarantine Style

Thursday 2nd – Saturday 4th April, 7pm


Our resident beer guru, Rachel, will be holding guided tastings via Instagram Live, so you can attend the event while at home! The event is completely free, but we do advise buying the beer so you can drink along! 

This first event is An Introduction To Belgian Beer, and is being held over three  days – Thursday 2nd-Saturday 4th of April at 7pm each day. We’ll be drinking La Chouffe Blonde on the 2nd, Orval on the 3rd, and Tilquin Gueuze on the Saturday. 


If you haven’t used Instagram Live before, here’s how to find the live video – firstly, log on to Instagram (if you don’t already have an account, it takes a couple of minutes to set up), go onto our page at the time and date advertised above, and then click on our large profile picture.


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